Our core objectives include but are not limited to;

  • Promoting the conservation and protection of fragile environments especially habitats of worlds important wildlife species
  • Providing alternative livelihood models to forest users (Farmers, hunters, grazers and lumbers), underprivileged and vulnerable rural people including women, children, the elderly and young people.
  • Promoting young people’s participation in conservation and community development by educating, training and supporting them
  • Developing sustainable strategies for mobilizing community participation in conservation of their natural resources
  • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices that enhance soil conservation and increase crop yield
  • Providing local communities with opportunities to efficiently manage their natural resources and to alleviate poverty
  • Promoting women’s role in conservation and development through training and support of women programs
  • Fighting against forest and land degradation
  • Promoting environmental advocacy, education, training and information programs that increase people’s awareness on environmental challenges, human footprints and the different ways to remedy them.
  • Developing strategies for addressing relevant rural and environmental issues

get involved

NAPCOD  welcomes Local and International volunteers, donations, and partners to enable us to achieve our Mission. Just identify your area of interest and reach out to us.